Family law covers a diverse range of aspects that will concern every member of a family at some point. As a result, family lawyers play a crucial role in assisting families when potential issues arise or when pre-emptive planning is needed. As a family’s legal expert, they will provide a better understanding of family law topics, while providing direction on how to navigate specific situations, saving time, money and potentially even relationships.

Below we highlight 5 key responsibilities of a family lawyer.

1. Legal Advice

Family lawyers provide essential legal advice to their clients regarding family law issues. This helps family members make the appropriate decision for them and their situation based on the law. Your family lawyer will more than likely understand your family dynamic and will have experience navigating similar situations previously. They can provide direction without being clouded by emotion or previous family matters.

2. Divorce

When divorce becomes the direction for a married couple, a family lawyer can help complete the process amiably by acting as a mediator between the spouses. The lawyer can answer questions and help with the division of property and completing documents. However, when the terms of a divorce can’t be agreed to cordially, a family lawyer will represent their client in court to ensure that they receive a fair hearing and resolution of their case. Divorce goes beyond signing documents and going your separate ways. A family lawyer will also provide representation to their clients regarding child custody, support, alimony and division of property.

3. Child Custody and Access

Custody or access arrangements will directly impact your relationships with your children and how decisions will be made on their behalf for years to come. A family lawyer will help protect the best interests of your children by providing advice and guidance as well as helping prepare a plan to meet their needs.

4. Child and Spousal Support

Whether you or your child are entitled to support or you are obligated to provide support to your child or former spouse, a family lawyer can provide advice or direction in these matters. They can also advise you regarding changing the terms of support or terminating support altogether.

5. Preparing Important Documentation

A scenario that requires you to go to court often also requires a large number of documents to be completed and prepared. Family lawyers have experience in drafting and filing documents for court proceedings. Completing important forms with the assistance of a family lawyer, will ensure that your documents are all “judge ready” and that no time is wasted. Your lawyer can also assist with clarifying your rights and obligations under a court order.

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